Welcome to Aayukshetram Ayurvedic Health Resort , Trivandrum , India

Aayukshetram Ayurvedic Health Resort

The very beginning of the project lays with Ayurveda thousands of years ago, but in this age with Vasudeva Vilasam. This clinic has been practicing Ayurveda, the unique Indian healing system for over a century. This pristine science has been practised by great visionaries in the field of traditional medicine and has been taken over generation after generation of doctors, especially in Southern India and Kerala. Today Ayurveda is known all over the world as a holistic, preventive therapy that sooths the body, mind and soul.

Vasudeva Ayurvedic Group directed efforts to bring this system of healthcare and healing into the lives of the common man more realistically. It has been a profound voyage of discovery inspired by an unflagging devotion to the purest form of medicine and preventive remedies. This has been done through a wide array of institutions. The first vaidyasala or medicine counter was established in 1884 by Vaidya N. Vasudevan Unni, former palace Physician to Sri Moolam Thirunal Maharaja of Travancore and superintendent of Ayurveda Padasala (now the Government Ayurveda college Trivandrum) under the patronage of Dhanwanthridas Cheerattamon Moose of Olessa, one of the Ashta Vaidyas. 


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